the Philosophy

"We collect nature's generosity"
è this is the payoff on our farm.
The young Seneca (Lucius Annaeus Seneca) Roman philosopher and writer wrote 2000 years ago:
““Do not divert from nature, form the laws and it's examples and with wisdom, if you live according to nature you will never be poor and why do we complain about nature? Nature behaves with generosity: Life is long if you know how to use it”.
Our deepest respect for nature is made concrete by timing and pace, joining non-invasive technology to obtain a better product.


Decades ago I came across the Maremma by pure chance and became fatally fascinated in this beautiful area and which I became part of. I was able to let myself go with great passion from what was concealed inside of me for this land.
For years I was totally occupied with my ongoing research in finding the best characteristics in my olives. A great experience that I find on the national list of technicians and experts for virgin and extra virgin olive oils that is kept at the Ministry of Agriculture, food and forestry.
With my success with olives I have refined the quality of my extra virgin olive oil which gives a fragrance and particular taste, at the same time just by experimenting I have come to realise that I have given life to other related products: wine, preserves and jam.
It never ceases to amaze me the strength of the land and generosity of nature: from a seed, apparently inert it is possible to grow a plant from which we can nurture and grow.
Whoever plants a tree makes a gesture of generosity towards his or her children and to future generations who will be able to enjoy it's refreshing shade and fruit.
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