the Farm

Tuscany, one of the world's most famous regions is known for it's immense artistic heritage but also for it's food and wine culture.
The name of the farm "Le Melie" is inspired by the presence of numerous species of trees (Melia Azedarach L. 1753) that thrive on the property.
La Melia is better known as the tree of rosaries or paternosters because in the past, the stone of the fruit (hard and spherical) was largely used in the making of rosaries before plastic materials came along.
Meanwhile, the name "Cavallini" derives from the anonymous vicinal road where the farm is located.

Farming started around the middle of the 20th century dedicating care and passion to the olive groves and vineyards in a particular way. For many years the Baracco family have run the farm with great enthusiasm, dedication and passion.
The farm is set in a magnificent geographical position, located in Maremma, between the Talamone rock and Orbetello, only a few miles away from the headland of Argentario and the island of Giglio, in a vast zone dedicated to agriculture where the mistral caresses the olive trees daily bringing with it the benefits of the sea.

the fruits

In this pristine area between Tuscany and Lazio that faces the Tirreno sea and the Maremma, first Etruscan land then Roman, allowed the different civilisations to progress thanks to the special climate of the area.
Still to this day the territory has remained virtually unaltered. We take the best of nature: Oil, wine, fruits and vegetables with a traditional method and with innovative but non-invasive techniques.